Thursday, August 14, 2014

Jungle advancement

The improvements to jungle stage are taking place indeed, and we held another developer meeting to check up on how we are advancing and what should still be done. We held the meeting at the workplace of two of our team members, and the game looked quite stunning on an enormous screen! It inspired us to add even more tasks to our ever-growing 2.0 tasklist. To spoil a little, upcoming features besides the light/dark planet halves and challenges to "the dark side" are smoother movement and the ability to teleport between beginning and end of the planet once you have reached the end once. Pretty convenient, huh?

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jungle experiments and yesterday's daily #scrum

Let's be honest: the development of Back From Afar has been pretty much dormant this summer but things are definitely changing. The last few weeks have been quite hot on Finnish standards so yesterday we had a small daily scrum meeting on our Flowdock group chat. Here's a short summary on what we're up to:

So the thing is, we realize that the game hasn't provided that much of a challenge until now, so we are playing with the idea of adding a dark side to the planets. The lighter side will not go anywhere and it will receive at least some cosmetic improvements in the form of friendlier inhabitants. These experiments will take place in the next few weeks and jungle is already receiving the treatment.