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Welcome to the official development blog of Back From Afar.

In October 2013 EXPA started asking people in public events if there is anyone around Jyväskylä, Finland who would be interested in developing games but never had the chance for it. It didn’t take long until our inbox got filled with applications from people showing interest for this project. Soon the first meeting was held and around fifteen people showed up. All of the applicants had a different kind of background story, skills, interests and goals. Some of the people had experience with programming, others with graphics and most of the team had no prior experience in game development. In the first meeting, we could easily see that the group was more than willing to learn and experience the whole process of game development. We saw the road we were about to step on would be long, but filled with possibilities for the group to watch, learn and work together to achieve the common goal of a finished game. On that cold evening we took that first step.

The first step was followed by multiple of meetings, lessons, tutorials and discussions of developing games. Some of the group members decided to end their journey with the project at the beginning, some of them kept going for a month or two. When we reached the final phase, the team had eight members forming the current core team. During the past months the team has worked together to learn, co-operate and develop as efficiently as possible. I bet there has been a time for each and every member of the team when quitting sounded like a good option. But still, for some reason the final eight continued to the very end of the project.

The main idea of Expa Game Club was (and still remains) to bring people together and have fun while learning. After all these crazy months, it feels like we have achieved this goal pretty well and all of us should be more than proud of it.

Back from Afar was released on Android devices for starters and we plan to make an iOS build in the near future. The game is brought to you by a team who has never worked with games before. When thinking of our starting point, it’s actually pretty unreal to have the product looking, sounding and feeling the way it does. We hope you have as awesome of a time playing the game as we had developing it.

With love,
Back From Afar Development Team
Expa Game Club

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