Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Semi-Mexican greetings from sunny Finland!

Yesterday nearly all of us got to celebrate the journey we've had with Back From Afar by eating some Mexican food in Amarillo restaurant. The authentic Mexican experience was topped off with some Finnish rap music, ¡Ay, Caramba! :D I totally forgot to take photos of the event or the food (what a lousy blogger..), so let's just borrow some pictures this time.

Amarillo Jyväskylä [source]
It was really nice to chat about topics outside game development and just spend time together. I'll retrospectively let you in on our table conversation by naming some things that we talked about. Of course the ongoing Ice Hockey World Championships could not be avoided. Thanks Switzerland for putting Finland through to the quarterfinals! We also discussed about what games everyone's been playing recently and to name a few, here's what came up: Planetside 2, Final Fantasy VIII, Hearthstone and League of Legends.

We all were also really intrigued about our Colombian team member Felipe's experiences in Finland. To be specific, it was nice to know that he didn't arrive in the country with a spear in his hand, prepared to fight some Finnish non-existing polar bears. Lastly, the Finnish "don't speak while eating" tradition was totally ruined by saying it out loud.

It's both awesome and a bit sad that we've come this far. Some of us will continue with other ventures in game development and most of us are devoted to continue working with Back From Afar. We'd love to give you guys more content and maybe some challenges as well. What better way to end the BFA version 1.0 development project than some Mexican philosophy:

"There'll always be a dead beast for a hungry vulture"
= Life doesn't fail to present us with opportunities [source]


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